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Video Baluns & Video Balun Distribution Amps for VGA, HDMI, Component,
S Video, Composite, USB, & RF Broadband all runs over Cat5, Cat6.

Video Baluns are a great source to use when running video long distances. Audio or Video Baluns run over cat5 or cat6 and maintain a high resolution for superior quality in your AV sytem..Click on each item to see more styles.

VGA Baluns & Distribution Amps    
VGA Baluns & VGA Distribution Amps Baluns  
The AVO-VGA transmits VGA video up to 450 feet over standard unshielded twisted pair cable no power required. Plus, built-in skew compensation ensures your whites are whiter and your brights are brighter. The AVO-VGA is ideal for education, government, house of worship, corporate, residential, and any other application requiring extended VGA video distribution.
Max Distance VGA (640 x 480): 450 feet. and 1280 x1024: 200 feet

DIGI-VGASD-WP Wallplate Balun Set    
VGA Wallplate Baluns over Cat5  
The Intelix DIGI-VGASD-WP active wallplate balun set distributes VGA video, stereo audio, and control signals over a single twisted pair cable, such as Cat 5 or Cat 6. The unit includes one wallplate send balun, one wallplate receive balun, and two power supplies. The DIGI-VGASD features 1600x1200 VGA video performance

DIGI-VGASD-T4R 1x4 Distribution System    
VGA Distribution Amps over Cat 5  
The Intelix DIGI-VGASD4R distribution system sends a single VGA video and stereo audio source to four remote destinations over inexpensive twisted pair cable. In addition, the system extends RS232 or IR control signals over the same cable. The DIGI-VGASD4R features 1600x1200 VGA video performance.

DIGI-VGASD-8X8 Twisted Pair Matrix    
VGA Matrix Switchers over Cat5  
The DIGI-VGASD-8 X 8 allows you to switch audio, video, and control and transmit it all over a single twisted pair cable to a remote Intelix DIGI-VGASD Series receiver. The matrix supports resolutions up to 1600 x 1200, features true hi-fidelity audio, and is compatible with third-party control systems.

HDMI Video Baluns    
HDMI Baluns & HDMI Distribution Amps Baluns  
Run HDMI over shielded Cat 5 cable up to 150 foot without signal loss.

Component Video Baluns    
Component Video Baluns  
Extend your Audio and Video signals up to 2500ft using
Cat 5 cable. The use of Cat 5 cable allows you to make runs through conduit where large cables won't fit.

DVI Baluns    
DVI Baluns  
The Intelix DVI-F allows a high-quality DVI (digital visual interface) signal to be transmitted up to 150 feet over two Cat 5 cables .

Component Video Wallplate Balun    
A V Wall Plate Baluns  
For a more finished look try the Decora Style
Wall Plate A/V Baluns. Use to run Audio and Video over Cat 5 up to 2500 feet

S Video with Audio Baluns    
S Video Baluns  
The Intelix AVO-SVA2-F balun is an ideal solution for transmitting s-video and ultra-high quality stereo audio up to 1000 feet over Cat 5.

Stereo Audio Baluns    
Stereo Audio Balun  
The Intelix ultra-high performance audio balun designed for applications where audio quality is critical. Use to run Audio over Cat 5 up to 2500 feet.

Composite Video Baluns    
Composite Balun  
The Intelix AVO-V1A2-F balun is an ideal solution for transmitting composite video and ultra-high quality stereo audio up to 2200 feet over Cat 5.

USB Balun    
USB Balun  
The Intelix DIGI-USB-F transmits a USB signal up to 330 feet over standard unshielded twisted pair cabling, such as Cat 5 or Cat 6.

Keyboard and Mouse Balun    
Keyboard and Mouse Balun  
The Intelix PS2-F balun extends a computer's keyboard and mouse up to 350 feet over structured cabling, such as
Cat 5.

RF-F Broadband Video Balun    
RF Broadband Video Balun  
The Intelix RF-F balun is ideal for transmitting cable TV channels 2 to 150 up to 330 feet over structured cabling, such as Cat 5.

Composite Video and Camera Pan, Tilt, & Zoom    
Composite Video and Camera Pan, Tilt, & Zoom
Transmits both composite video and camera pan, tilt, and zoom control signals up to 1400 feet over structured cabling, such as Cat 5.

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