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Velocity™ Component Video/RCA Type Audio Combination Cable
An efficient cable assembly ideal for connecting component video and stereo audio with a single cable.

One end of the cable is shown here
Velocity™ Component Video/RCA Type Audio Combination Cable
Length Price Part # Add to Cart
1.5 ft $23.99 40006 BUY NOW
3 ft $25.99 29165 BUY NOW
6 ft $36.99 29166 BUY NOW
12 ft $49.99 29167 BUY NOW
25 ft $89.99 29168 BUY NOW
50 ft $159.99 29169 BUY NOW
100 ft $209.99 29170 BUY NOW
Product Features

     •  Connectors: RCA Plug x 5 to RCA Plug x 5
     •  Bonded construction design for neat, easy connection of component video and stereo audio
     •  Twisted pair construction in the audio conductors prevents EMI and RFI noise and interference
     •  75-ohm oxygen-free copper center conductor delivers exceptional video detail, color and         brightness
     •  24K gold-plated connectors ensure long-lasting quality
     •  Fully molded connectors provide excellent strain relief
     •  Aluminum foil and oxygen-free copper braid shield provide clear, noise-free, vivid picture quality
     •  Ultra-flexible PVC jacket for easy installation

Velocity™ Component Video Cables provide improved picture and sound quality when compared to ordinary "out of the box" cables. Low-loss 75ohm oxygen-free copper center conductors and foam dielectric provide improved picture quality and performance. Twisted pair oxygen-free copper wire and foam dielectric are optimized for audio. The aluminum foil and OFC braid shields protect against unwanted noise and interference. The color-coded molded connectors attach to an ultra-flexible jacket, and allow for easy installation and identification. The 24K gold plated, durable connectors ensure long-lasting quality.

Ships: Same Day

Plenum Component Audio/Video Cables Rated for In Wall Use and Use in Air Ducts
Use when you install video systems in commercial environments.
One end of the cable is shown here
Plenum Component Video With Audio
Length Price Part # Add to Cart
15 ft $129.99 40800 BUY NOW
30 ft $179.99 40801 BUY NOW
50 ft $239.99 40802 BUY NOW
75 ft $279.99 40803 BUY NOW
100 ft $315.99 40804 BUY NOW
125 ft $345.99 40805 BUY NOW
150 ft $389.99 40806 BUY NOW
Product Features

     •  UL Listed, CMP-rated cable jacket
     •  FEP, Teflon™ inner insulation
     •  26AWG center conductors
     •  92% tinned copper braid shield over foil shield
     •  Precision-machined RCA type connectors

Plenum-rated Component Audio/Video Cables are designed to meet stringent building codes for placement of low voltage wiring within a commercial building. The air space above a suspended ceiling or plenum is a common location for runs of low voltage cables. Placement of low voltage cables within the plenum require the installer to use materials that limit the release of smoke and fumes in the unfortunate event of a fire. These plenum-rated component audio video cables are constructed from five precision-machined 75Ohm coaxial cables. They use our precision-machined RCA type connectors featuring our SplitLok™ center pins for a solid and reliable connection. CMP-rated PVC jacket and Teflon™ inner insulators provide the fire protection required to run these cables within walls and air plenums without the need for conduit. The coaxial cables feature 26AWG tinned copper center conductor covered by aluminum polyester tape and 92% tinned copper braid for 100% shield coverage.

Ships: Same Day

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