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PC to TV Converters

AItech Maxview Cinema Kit - Start watching DVD movies on your TV from your PC
Get the big picture with the MaxView Cinema Kit from AITech! Start Watching DVD and VOD movies on your big-screen TV. No need to buy a stand-alone DVD player when you can use MaxView to integrate your PC’s existing DVD drive into your home theater. 6ft audio and video cables give you the flexibility to start enjoying movies, PC games and surfing the Internet from your couch.
Part # 27388
Price: $115.99
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Product Features
     •  Cyberlink PowerDVD Current Full Version
     •  20ft S-Video Cable
     •  20ft RCA Composite Cable
     •  20ft 3.5mm to 2 RCA Audio Cable
     •  AC Power Adapter
     •  PC compatible
     •  PC & Mac compatible. Windows (all versions) or Macintosh         with VGA output
     •  Video output device such as video monitor, TV, or VCR
Input: 15-pin VGA analog RGB signal
           •  S-Video (S-VHS)
           •  Composite (RCA)
           •  VGA bypass
     •  Plug and Play, easy installation, and no software driver
     •  Display high resolution computer images (up to 1024x768x16.7 million colors) on any TV
     •  Simultaneous display on PC/laptop and up to two TVs
     •  Simultaneous S-Video and RCA/Composite connection to TV/VCRs
     •  Uses AITech’s FlicFree™ and VSPro™ technologies for the sharpest flicker- free images possible
     •  Features high quality DVD movie playback with low CPU consumption
     •  Extended range between PC and TV with high-performance 20-feet audio and video(dual S-Video/RCA) cables.
     •  The Cyberlink PowerDVD Current Full Version Features high quality DVD movie playback
         with low CPU consumption and features certified Dolby Digital (AC-3) and DTS decoding
     •  Newly enhanced MPEG- 1 and 2 decoder to provide you the richest and most powerful
         image quality available on the market
     •  The latest breakthrough Dolby Head Phone Technology - Now you can receive five speaker
         surround sound playback with any standard pair of stereo headphones
     •  Multiple new and advanced user interface including digital zoom, repeated playback, and tool bar navigator
     •  Dual subtitles: Simultaneously displays two subtitles
     •  Supports VCD, Karaoke titles and MP3 music files playback

PC to TV Converter
Convert your Computer's Video Signal to S-Video or Composite Video
The PC to TV Converter uses a state-ofhe art chipset to produce a high-quality reproduction of your computer's video output on any TV or Monitor utilizing standard S-Video or Composite Video inputs. The converter accepts 640x480 (VGA), 800x600 (SVGA), and 1024x768 (XGA) video signals from a PC and converts them to NTSC or PAL signals that can be displayed on any standard TV or Monitor. Simple to install, this converter is ideal for viewing slide presentations, browsing the web, PC gaming, and viewing pictures or movies that are stored on your PC, streamed from over the internet or played through the computer's DVD player. The unit supports NTSC/NTSC-J/PAL systems with S-Video and Composite Video output. A full-function remote allows users to Zoom IN/OUT, adjust vertical, adjust horizontal, Flickering Filter, Color Bars, and Power.
PC to TV Converter enlarge PC to TV Converter
Part # 40698
Price: $110.99
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Product Features
     •  Input: 640x480 (VGA), 800x600 (SVGA), 1024x768 (XGA) Resolutions
     •  Output: S-Video, Composite Video, and computer video output equivalent to input
     •  Converts computer video output to S-Video or Composite Video
     •  Supports computer video resolution up to 1024x768 (XGA)
     •  Ideal for viewing a computer’s video output on a larger Television or Monitor
     •  Full-function remote control
     •  Powered from a standard USB port
     •  2 "AAA" batteries are required for the remote control
Package Includes:
     •  Main Unit with Remote Control (5.25" (L) x 2.5" (W) X 1”(H))
     •  3ft VGA Cable
     •  3ft USB Power Cable
     •  9ft Composite Video Cable
     •  4ft S-Video Cable
     •  AC/DC adapter (5VDC, 1000mA)

The AT-PC-AVSCOMP PC to TV scaler converter is designed to convert a variety of computer resolutions, from 640x480 up to 1600x1200@60Hz, to interlaced Component Video ( RGB/YUV ), S-Video or Composite Video. Compatible with both NTSC and Pal standards. It is ideal for use in applications like video conference, home theater, business presentation, lecturing room where PC signal needs to be converted to standard video.

Price: $239.99
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Product Features Ships: Same Day
     •  Automatically detects and down converts the incoming PC resolution to NTSC, PAL, RGB or YUV.
     •  Supports high resolution PC input up to UXGA (1600x1200@60Hz).
     •  Output video format is selectable between composite/S-Video, YUV and RGB through a control button on the remote.
     •  Supports high input refresh rate up to 140Hz (VGA).
     •  Adjustable images scaling.
     •  Pan, Position and Zoom Feature.
     •  Advance 2-D flicker filter ensures flicker-free picture.
     •  Last state memory recall ( all settings will be saved if the converter is turned off or unplugged from the electricity )
     •  Adjustment and control through RS-232 interface.
     •  Useful functions, overscan, freeze, test pattern, magnifier.
     •  Remote control
     •  OSD operation display
     •  Wide/Standard screen
     •  VGA passhough
Package Includes:
PC to Component/S-Video/Composite Converter
     •  3ft Composite Video Cable
     •  3ft VGA Cable
     •  Application Software
     •  IR Remote Control
     •  Power Supply
     •  Instructions Manual
Input terminal: HD-15 R/G/B/H/V Input resolution: Common resolution lists: VGA@60Hz up to 140Hz refresh rate      •  SVGA@60Hz up to 120Hz refresh rate XGA@60Hz up to 85Hz refresh rate SXGA@60Hz refresh rate
        UXGA@60Hz refresh rate
     •  Output terminal: Composite video RCA, S-Video mini-din, PC-Out (pass through) HD-15, PC- In HD-15,
        RGB/YUV-Out HD-15
     •  Output system: NTSC or PAL TV system R/G/B/H/V (PC pass through) R/G/B/Sync Fh=15 KHz, Fv=50/60Hz
        Ys/U/V Fh= 15KHz, Fv=50/60Hz
     •  Controls: Front panel control, IR remote control, RS-232 control.
     •  Power: DC 12V 800mA center: positive
     •  Dimensions: 8(W) x 6(D) x 2(H)inch
     •  Weight: 4LB

PC to TV Converters

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