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There are 2 Styles of Fype RG 6 Cables on this Page ranging in price.
The differences can be found in the conductor, the shielding, and the connectors used
which also determines the price of the cable. We have cables to fit every budget.

SonicWave™ Fype Cables made of RG6
Antenna and RF cables that create the connection you need with the outside world!
One end of the cable is shown here

SonicWave™ F-Type Cables made of RG6

Length Price Part # Add to Cart
6 ft $29.99 45459 BUY NOW
12 ft $39.99 45460 BUY NOW
25 ft $59.99 29735 BUY NOW
50 ft $79.99 29736 BUY NOW
Side ViewSide View
Product Features
     •  Connectors: Fype Male to Fype Male
     •  Ideal for connecting high performance FM tuners, HDRadio tuners, VCRs, television tuners or other      •  RF fed devices to a high performance audio or cinema system
     •  Extensive use of silver-plated oxygen-free copper ensures maximum bandwidth
     •  Precision 75-Ohm coaxial design
     •  Triple-Shielded
     •  24-Karat gold-plated “F” connectors

SonicWave™ RF cables ensure your system performs at its best through advanced cable design, construction and materials. A silver-plated oxygen-free copper center conductor and nitrogen-foamed PE dielectric combine with Cu Shielding Technology™ and 24K gold-plated connectors to provide a lifetime of uncompromised performance. The two OFC-braided shields are combined with a 100% Mylar® foil wrap to ensure immunity to environmentally induced noise and to guarantee the full bandwidth of the signal is delivered to your audio, video or satellite tuner. Precision construction techniques maintain the cable’s characteristic 75-ohm impedance for maximum stability and fidelity. Precise soldering techniques with silver solder help to eliminate the negative effects of dissimilar metals.

Ships: Same Day

Triple-shield, low-loss cable for connecting DSS/digital cable
Both ends of the cable are shown hereVALUE SERIES F-TYPE RG6 COAXIAL VIDEO CABLE
Price Part # Add to Cart
3 ft $7.99 29131 BUY NOW
6 ft $13.99 29132 BUY NOW
12 ft $22.99 29133 BUY NOW
25 ft $39.99 29134 BUY NOW
50 ft $59.99 29135 BUY NOW
75 ft $79.99 29136 BUY NOW
100 ft $117.99 29137 BUY NOW
Product Features
     •  Connectors: Fype Plug to Fype Plug
     •  18AWG RG6 copper-clad steel center conductor delivers quality video
     •  Foil and double braid shield provides a clear, noise-free, vivid picture
     •  Flexible PVC jacket for easy installation
     •  Corrosion-resistant, precision-made 24K gold plated connectors ensure long lasting quality
     •  Fully molded connectors provide excellent strain relief that keeps your cable intact
     •  Ideal for connecting digital cable boxes, DSS receivers or any video source with Fype output                 connections to any TV with matching Fype input jacks

Value Series RG6 Fype Cables are constructed with 75ohm coaxial cable that delivers high-quality video images. Low-loss 75ohm copper-clad wire and polyethylene dielectric provides accurate picture resolution and color. A foil and double-braid shield protects against unwanted noise and interference. The molded connectors attach to a flexible jacket allowing for easy installation. The 24K gold plated heavy-duty connectors ensure long lasting, corrosion-free connections. Connect digital cable boxes, DSS receivers or any video source with Fype output connections to any TV with matching Fype input jacks. Ordinary, "included in the box" Fype cables often use low-quality materials with inferior shielding, which can result in poor picture quality. Our Value Series RG6 Fype Cables deliver all the detail, color and brightness you expect from your audio/video components.

Fype Cable Styles

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