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DVI Cable Styles

Pro Series DVI-D™ Male/Male Dual Link Digital Video Cable CL2 Rated
This pro series commercial grade cable offers true digital performance
Length Price Part # Add to Cart
6 ft $29.99 41230 BUY NOW
10 ft $39.99 41231 BUY NOW
15 ft $49.99 41232 BUY NOW
25 ft $89.99 41233 BUY NOW
35 ft $99.99 41234 BUY NOW
50 ft $139.99 41235 BUY NOW
65 ft $169.99 41236 BUY NOW
75 ft $199.99 41237 BUY NOW
100 ft $289.99 41238 BUY NOW
  • Overview
  • Specs
Supports resolutions of 1080p for displays and up to 1920 x 1200 pixels for computers, and with lengths ranging from 6 to 100 feet. The Pro Series is the ideal cable for A/V equipment used in classrooms or conference rooms.
24k gold-plated connectors prevent metal corrosion, resulting in the optimal signal transfer for the highest picture and sound quality. Shielded 24AWG copper conductors protect against EMI and RFI to ensure uninterrupted performance. High quality materials and construction, along with rigorous factory testing and a full lifetime warranty, guarantee long-term, dependable performance.

*CL2 is equivalent to FT4 rating in Canada, while CMP is equivalent to FT6.
Please Note: Does not support analog video; only supports digital video signal.
Connector 1: DVI-D Single-Link 24-pin Male
Connector 2: DVI-D Single-Link 24-pin Male    
     •  Color: Black
     •  Length: 100ft
     •  Weight: 10.436lbs
     •  Jacket Rating: In Wal
     •  Warranty: Lifetime l
DVI-D Dual Link Cable, with Ferrite Bead
Great DVI Dual Link Cable Computer Video Cable
DVI-D Dual Link Cable, with Ferrite Bead
Length Price Part # Add to Cart
6.6 ft $19.99 05302 BUY NOW
10 ft $25.99 05303 BUY NOW
15 ft $39.99 05305 BUY NOW
26.2 ft $69.99 05308 BUY NOW
32.8 ft $79.99 05310 BUY NOW
50 ft $99.99 05315 BUY NOW
  • Overview
Connect your computer to your monitor or HDTV and enjoy high definition resolution with this DVI (Digital Video Interface) cable. Dual-link DVI cables can support up to 2560 x 1600. DVI has superseded the analog signal carrying VGA type cables for some manufacturers. While its video resolutions are similar to HDMI, it should be noted that DVI cables carry a video signal only, unlike the former which also supports surround sound audio.

• Lifetime Warranty - CW
• RoHS Compliant
Plenum DVI-D Dual Link Cable Male to Male
Plenum DVI Cables are a must have for any system integrator or installer performing an installation in any School, University, Hospital, Government or other commercial building.
Length Price Part # Add to Cart
1 ft $76.99 DVID-1 BUY NOW
2 ft $82.99 DVID-2 BUY NOW
3.3 ft $104.99 DVID-3 BUY NOW
4 ft $105.99 DVID-4 BUY NOW
6.6 ft $119.99 DVID-5 BUY NOW
16 ft $159.99 DVID-16 BUY NOW
33 ft $239.00 DVID-10 BUY NOW
40 ft $279.00 DVID-12 BUY NOW
50 ft $309.00 DVID-15 BUY NOW
  • Overview
  • Specs
All of our Plenum DVI Cables are compatible to the latest DVI standard and will pass resolutions up to HDTV: 1080p or PC: 2560×1600
Plenum space above dropped ceilings and under raised floors is the optimal place for routing communication and A/V cables. DVI Cables are used for connecting video projectors, lcd displays, plasma displays and computer monitors.With the variety of Digital Equipment being available to everyone now, the Plenum DVI Cables would be the best cables to use to get the highest video and audio quality.

Our Plenum DVI Dual Link Cables are built to last and perform to the highest expectations. The cables are featured with 24AWG oxygen free pure copper conductors, triple shielding to reject EMI and RFI, and gold plated connectors. CMP certified jacket and Teflon inner insulators provide the fire protection to run these cables in the walls or Air Plenums without a conduit.

All of our Plenum DVI Cables are compatible to the latest DVI standard and will pass all resolutions up to HDTV: 1080p or PC: 2560×1600 (booster might be required depending on the video card to support 2560x1600).
Note: cables are UL certified for CL2P, this test also covers the following standards: Test for vertical flame spread: IEC60332-2, IEC60332-3
Halogen free: IEC60754
Low smoke: EC61034
Specifications: 33ft (10m) Plenum DVI Dual Link Cable
Type: DVI-D (Digital)
Co-Type: Dual Link
Configuration: 24+1 pin DVI Digital
UL Listed, CMP certified cable jacket (UL # E326062)
Low Smoke PVC outer jacket and FEP, Teflon inner insulator
Supported Resolutions: HDTV (all resolutions up to 1080p) Computer: (all resolutions up to 2560×1600) (booster might be required depending on the video card to support 2560x1600)
Single-link bandwidth: 340 MHz (over 10.2 Gbit/s)
24k Gold plated connectors
28AWG High-Purity Oxygen Free Copper conductors
High-Density triple shielding for maximum rejection of EMI and RFI
ROHS Rated
UL CL2P, CL3P and CMP Certified
Lifetime warranty
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