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DMX Cable Styles

DMX Cable - Male 3 Pin to Female 5 Pin Shielded DMX Cable
We use only Nuetrik Connectors.
Two Pair Shielded Indoor/Outdoor DMX Stage Lighting Cable
Flexible High Temperature Rugged Black Indoor/Outdoor Polyurethane Jacket - Gas, Oil, & UV Resistant
Length Price Part # Add to Cart
1 ft $16.99 3M5F-DMX1 BUY NOW
3 ft $17.99 3M5F-DMX3 BUY NOW
6 ft $19.99 3M5F-DMX6 BUY NOW
10 ft $21.99 3M5F-DMX10 BUY NOW
15 ft $24.99 3M5F-DMX15 BUY NOW
25 ft $29.99 3M5F-DMX25 BUY NOW
35 ft $36.99 3M5F-DMX35 BUY NOW
50 ft $45.99 3M5F-DMX50 BUY NOW
75 ft $59.99 3M5F-DMX75 BUY NOW
100 ft $73.99 3M5F-DMX100 BUY NOW
125 ft $89.99 3M5F-DMX125 BUY NOW
150 ft $103.99 3M5F-DMX150 BUY NOW
3 Pin DMX Cable
  • Overview
  • Specs
All DMX series cables are quality made and tested in the U.S.A.
Two Pair 22 AWG Inner Conductors
90% Braided Shield & 100% Foil Shielded, 22 AWG Drain Wire
Flexible High Temperature Rugged Black PVC Jacket
120 Ohm Impedance, UL Recognized CM or AWM 2919 30V 80 deg. C
Hand Soldered with Neutrik XLR Connectors

  •  Flexible High Temperature Rugged Black Indoor/Outdoor Polyurethane Jacket - Gas, Oil, & UV Resistant
  •  Conductors: (4) 22 AWG stranded (19/34) tinned copper conductors, twisted into (2) pairs.
  •  90% Braided Shield & 100% Foil Shielded
  •  Diameter over insulation: 0.049”
  •  Insulation: 9 mils minimum average of HDPE
  •  Hand Soldered with Neutrik XLR Connectors
  •  Quality Made & Tested in the U.S.A.  
  •  Nominal jacket O.D.: 0.245” +/- 0.005”
  •  Operating Temperature: Plus 80°C, Minus 20°C
  •  Conductivity: 15.5 Ohm (max.) per 1,000 ft. @ 25°C
  •  Capacitance: 23 pf/ft. nom. conductor to conductor
     37 pf/ft. nom. conductor to shield

Purchase here if you need Nuetrik X-HD Series Tactical Outdoor Connectors on your DMX cables.
This is the Same Cable as above but there is a $14.00 upcharge on cables with these connectors.
Nuetrik HD Connectors
Length Price Part # Add to Cart
1 ft $30.99 3M5F-DMXT1 BUY NOW
3 ft $31.99 3M5F-DMXT3 BUY NOW
6 ft $33.99 3M5F-DMXT6 BUY NOW
10 ft $35.99 3M5F-DMXT10 BUY NOW
15 ft $38.99 3M5F-DMXT15 BUY NOW
25 ft $43.99 3M5F-DMXT25 BUY NOW
35 ft $50.99 3M5F-DMXT35 BUY NOW
50 ft $59.99 3M5F-DMXT50 BUY NOW
75 ft $73.99 3M5F-DMXT75 BUY NOW
100 ft $87.99 3M5F-DMXT100 BUY NOW
125 ft $103.99 3M5F-DMXT125 BUY NOW
150 ft $117.99 3M5F-DMXT150 BUY NOW
  • Overview
  • Specs
"The X-HD Series is a "Heavy duty"& XLR cable connector for outdoor use. All metal design, dust and water protected according to IP 65 by mating with related X-HD cable connector or MPR-HD chassis connector. Gold contacts are standard.
 •  "Heavy duty" cable connector for outdoor use
 •  All metal design
 •  NC*FX-HD mates with NC*MPR-HD chassis connector and NC*MX-HD cable connector
 •  Dust and water protected according IP 65 in mated condition
 •  Gold contacts
 •  Chuck type strain relief system for secure clamping of cables
 •  Boot with rubber gland gives high protection against bending stresses
 •  Dust and water protected according IP 65 in mated condition
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