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There are 3 Styles of Toslink Audio Cables on this Page ranging in lengths and price.

SonicWave™ Glass Toslink™ Optical Digital Cable
Connect your DVD, Satellite DVR, CD or other device to your digital audio receiver.

One end of the cable is shown here

Length Price Part # Add to Cart
19 in $35.99 40231 BUY NOW
3.3 ft. $45.99 45456 BUY NOW
6.5 ft $55.99 45457 BUY NOW
9 ft $69.99 45458 BUY NOW
16 ft $99.99 40235 BUY NOW
Product Features Ships: Same Day

     •  280 strands of High-Purity Glass Optical Fiber
     •  Incredible 70mm bend radius
     •  24K gold plated collet
     •  8mm soft-flexible PVC jacket
     •  Eliminates EMI and RFI interference

SonicWave glass fiber optical cables are a must-have for any audio purists. Constructed from 280 individual strands of 0.053mm glass for maximum flexibility, the bend radius is an amazing 70mm. High-purity optical grade glass will not haze or discolor over time like plastic will. Sophisticated mirror-polishing techniques are employed to make the clearest end possible, and resulting in less error and maximum signal transfer. 24K gold plated collet provides rigidity and maintains cable fiber placement. 8mm, soft-flexible PVC jacket protects the delicate fiber core. Toslink cables eliminate EMI and RFI interference common to standard Audio/Video cables.

Velocity™ Toslink Optical Digital Cable
Optical digital audio is an excellent interface for stereo audio or multi-channel surround sound from
CD, DVD, Satellite Receivers and Gaming systems.

Both ends of the cable are shown hereVelocity™ Toslink Optical Digital Cable
Length Price Part # Add to Cart
19 in $13.99 40389 BUY NOW
3.3 ft $16.99 40390 BUY NOW
6.5 ft $19.99 40391 BUY NOW
9 ft $23.99 40392 BUY NOW
16 ft $28.99 40393 BUY NOW
Product Features
Ships: Same Day

     •  Connectors: TOSLINK to TOSLINK
     •  Low-Loss MPPA core ensures low distortion
     •  Non-slip rubber grip connector provides for easy installation
     •  Ultra-flexible PVC jacket makes installation easy
     •  Protective plastic cover protects lens from dust, dirt, and other material.

Velocity™ Digital Optical cables are manufactured from high-quality PMMA optical fiber with a polished lens and gold-plated collet to provide an accurate digital signal. The stylish PVC jacket adds flexibility and durability for years of listening pleasure. Optical cables transfer the signal using light; thus completely eliminating any chance for RFI, EMI or ground loop interference. Connect your DVD, CD, Satellite Receiver, Game console or other digital audio equipment for clear, full detailed sound.

Toslink Digital/SPDIF Optical Audio Cable with MiniToslink Adaptor
Connects any stereo or home theater system with Toslink digital audio port. Works with digital receivers, CD/DVD, MiniDisc players/recorders, or any other digital audio device with optical connectors.
Includes MiniToslink adaptor.

Toslink Digital/SPDIF Optical Audio Cable with MiniToslink Adaptor
Length Price Part # Add to Cart
3 ft $9.99 MCTK3 BUY NOW
6 ft $12.99 MCTK6 BUY NOW
10 ft $14.99 MCTK10 BUY NOW
15 ft $17.99 MCTK15 BUY NOW
25 ft $24.99 MCTK25 BUY NOW
35 ft $35.99 MCTK35 BUY NOW
50 ft $49.99 MCTK50 BUY NOW
Product Features Ships: Same Day
     •  Maximum performance through advanced cable design, construction and materials
     •  Multi-core Optical Fiber provides ideal TOSLINK transmission
     •  Professional quality digital audio performance
     •  Ideal for MP3, CD, DVD, and Gaming Systems

Digital Audio Cable Styles

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