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Assembled Cat5e Crossover Patch Cables
For hubo-hub or peero-peer networking applications.
Today's advanced fast ethernet and gigabit computer networks require Enhanced Category 5 high-speed cabling to distribute data, voice and video. Cables To Go's Enhanced Cat5 350Mhz Crossover Patch Cables will keep you ahead of the game. These cables will handle bandwidth intensive applications up to 350 Mhz and beyond. Each meets all Cat 5e TIA/EIA standards, and drastically reduce both impedance and structural return loss (SRL) as compared to standard 100 Mhz wire! Constructed with high-quality cable and a shortened body plug, this design will keep Near-End Crosstalk (NEXT) levels to a minimum. Cables To Go 350Mhz Crossover Patch cables are available in a variety of colors to easily color-code your network installation and are labeled as crossover for easy identification.

Cat5e Crossover Patch Cables Cat5e Crossover Patch Cables Cat5e Crossover Patch Cables Cat5e Crossover Patch Cables Cat5e Crossover Patch Cables Cat5e Crossover Patch Cables Cat5e Crossover Patch Cables
Choose Length and Color - Click on that Number and Add to your Shopping Cart.
Length Price Gray Blue Black Orange Green Red Yellow
3 ft $4.99 24490 24491 24493 24494 24492 24496 24497
5 ft $5.99 24498 24499 24501 24502 24500 24503 24504
7 ft $7.99 24505 24506 24508 24509 24507 24510 24511
10 ft $8.99 24512 26687 26689 24513 26688 26690 26691
14 ft $9.99 24638 26701 26703 26704 26702 26706 26707
25 ft $14.99 24514 25257 26708 24515 26700 26709 26696
50 ft $29.99         329408    
100 ft $39.99         329873    
Product Features
     •  Connector: 50-micron gold plated RJ-45 Male to Male
     •  Conductor: 4-pair 24 AWG Stranded Copper
     •  Jacket: PVC
     •  1000 BASE; 100 BASE; 10 BASE (IEEE 802.3)
     •  4/16 Mbps Token Ring (IEEE 802.5); 100 VG-AnyLAN
     •  100 Mbps TP-PMD (ANSI X3T9.5); 55/155 Mbps ATM
     •  Designed For: Peero-peer, hubo-hub, transceiver to transceiver or repeater to repeater
        ethernet connection
     •  Exceeds Category 5e specifications
     •  Wired: TSB 568B (AT&T 258A)
     •  Certification: TIA/EIA

Ships: Same Day

Cat 5E, Cat 6, Cat 6A Patch Cables

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